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Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer

Remote, MA
Project: Novel Education Tools to Foster Local Ecosystem Sustainability Practices
Job type: 50%, remote
Duration: 13 months
Start date: March 2023

About the project:

Timely and locally relevant ecosystem education is not available to all children and adults on many Caribbean islands. This project aims to create ecosystem education materials that are more accessible.

The 13 month project consists of 3 components: 
  • A multilingual (English, French and Spanish) podcast on Sargassum that is published every 2 weeks.
  • An online course (the Sargassum Champions Course) for up to 20 participants across the Caribbean to give them in depth insights on Sargassum and train them to educate their community about Sargassum. After the course, a monthly meet up will be organized where the Sargassum Champions can interact with each other and meet Sargassum experts.
  • A biocultural curriculum on local coastal and marine ecosystems for primary and secondary school students in South Caicos and on Bonaire. This curriculum will be developed in English and translated into Papiamentu, Dutch and Haitian Creole. The content will combine local and Western ecological knowledge and will be developed by Marine Conservation without Borders (MCB). School for Field Studies (SFS) will use these science books for educational outreach in schools in South Caicos while STINAPA Bonaire will use them for educational outreach in schools on Bonaire. At the end of the project, South Caicos and Bonaire will have a full set of new bilingual science books to be actively used in their schools.

  • Design questionnaires to collect data for project component success analysis
  • Work with MCB, SFS and STINAPA to deploy surveys
  • Analyze data from questionnaires
  • Analyze quantitative data for success analysis
  • Determine if project meets set goals
  • Write quarterly MEAL reports
  • Provide feedback to project teams and to stakeholders who participated in projects
  • Ensure that grievances expressed in questionnaires and other ways of communications are addressed by the project team
  • Lead MEAL meetings in which the outcome from the collected MEAL data is presented to the project team
  • Data management

Qualifications needed:
  • Experience with project monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience with designing questionnaires for project evaluation
  • Experience with social science data analysis (questionnaire based)
  • Experience with report writing
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English
  • Competent user of video conferencing software, Microsoft Office software, accounting software and email software
  • Located in the Wider Caribbean

Preferable qualifications
  • Located on Bonaire or South Caicos
  • Able to speak and/or write in Dutch, Papiamentu or Haitian Creole

This is a remote position. Depending on where you are located, you will be employed by either SFS, STINAPA or MCB. If you are located in Bonaire or South Caicos you would meet with local project staff in person regularly while meeting with other project staff will take place via video conferencing.


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